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Dr. Jeffrey Widmeyer

With over 20 years of comprehensive wellness experience, Widmeyer Optimal Wellness offers the best in vein care, weight loss, and age management services to Lynchburg, Virginia patients. 

As the only board-certified vascular surgeon in the area specializing in vein care, Jeff Widmeyer, MD, possesses unique expertise and skills that help him resolve varicose veins, spider veins, and hemorrhoids quickly and safely in the office. 

Dr. Widmeyer specializes in all kinds of minimally invasive leading-edge vein treatments like microphlebectomy, sclerotherapy, endovenous laser ablation, and surface laser treatments with the Dornier Skin Pulse laser provide rapid symptom relief with no downtime.

As a diplomate of the American Board of Obesity Medicine (ABOM), Dr. Widmeyer knows that excess weight can often be an underlying factor in vascular disease. He and the team of knowledgeable wellness coaches support patients with weight loss through proven approaches. 

Patients under Dr. Widmeyer's care have lost over 60,000 pounds through the Ideal Protein program. The practice also offers Lipomelt, a completely noninvasive alternative to liposuction, to help patients fine-tune their weight loss results. The practice’s extensive experience and many satisfied patients make them the leaders among the area’s weight loss providers.

Hormones are another common trouble area for adults today, particularly as they age. Many adults notice weight gain as their hormones wane. After Dr. Widmeyer experienced the benefits of testosterone optimization for himself, he pursued additional specialized training in the areas of age management and restorative medicine and is now board-certified in these areas. 

Patients can now experience the remarkable whole-person benefits of hormone optimization through pellet therapy at Widmeyer Optimal Wellness.

Widmeyer Optimal Wellness accepts most insurances (contact the office to confirm individual plans). Varicose vein and hemorrhoid treatments are usually covered. 

The office is open on weekdays, and weekend appointments are also available. Call the Widmeyer Optimal Wellness office or click the provided online scheduler to set up a visit now.

Dr. Widmeyer has been providing comprehensive vein care services for over 20 years.
Over 20 years of vein care experience. Board Certified in Vascular and General Surgery. Lynchburg's only board certified vascular surgeon focused on vein care. Knowledgeable Wellness Coaches on Staff.


We accept most insurance providers. If you have specific questions regarding your coverage, please contact us for additional information.

We help you reach a healthy weight and maintain it.
Years Of Experience
60,000+ lbs
Of Assisted Weight Loss
Coaches On Hand

Patient Reviews

"My wife had treatment for varicose veins in both her legs. Everyone in the office was very friendly and helpful thru the entire process"

Mark K.
"I was pleased with my experience, Dr widmeyer , & staff are helpful & courteous, especially Robin & Ruthie, they are knowledgeable , & enjoyable to talk with, Thank"

Susan B.
"Dr. Widmeyer, his wife, and the entire staff have been great! They always take the time to educate and support me as needed."

Tracy G.
Dr. Widmeyer did a procedure on my hands to make my really large veins less noticeable. As we age our hands show age more than other parts of our body in some cases. What a blessing to have the simple treatment that brought such great results. Thank you Dr. Widmeyer!

Claire C.
I have had a severe pain in my right leg and had seen 4 doctors who either recommended me to another doctor or said they couldn't help me. I spent 5 minutes with Dr Widmeyer, who knew immediately how to help. He cut the problem out within a few minutes. I'd had the problem for years, and now thanks to Dr. Widmeyer, I am finally pain free. I highly recommend Dr. Widmeyer and his fabulous staff. You will find yourself in skilled hands!

Roxanne S.
Dr. Widmeyer is awesome and did offer me pain meds after my hemorrhoid procedure but I said I was fine and never needed anything. I have had relief....and yes he explained that my veins in my rectom may stretch out again and I could have them again in a few years but my relief has been huge! He is a compassionate caring doctor and did not embarrass me but made it all very easy. I had a great experience!

Stephen H.
Dr. Jeffrey Widmeyer is very compassionate and knowledgeable. The entire staff sincerely cares about all the patients. I have had good success with ideal protein. I highly recommend anyone who needs to lose 10 pounds for 100 and more to consider this platform. The support I get here is outstanding

Nanette T.
I am so glad that I came to Dr Widmeyer and he put my fears at ease about surgery. Wonderful staff and Dr. My leg is so much better after surgery and I can now do things again like hike the trails that before was in too much pain to do. Dr. Widmeyer made sure to explain everything to me step by step about the laser surgery. Thank you Dr. Widmeyer and staff for making my leg good as new again. Highly recommend!

Tracy D.
They created a special appointment for me on the spot because I needed urgent care. I was extremely worried that I wasn’t going to be able to walk down the aisle at my wedding this weekend with the amount of pain I was in. When I arrived I just filled out a little bit paperwork and was helped right away. The doctor did an exam and instantly knew what the problem was (I was misdiagnosed by two other doctors, granted I thought I had something different than I did as well) then performed an outpatient surgery within minutes. He took the time to make sure I wasn’t in too much pain and thoroughly explain the treatment process and potential causes. I cannot thank this team enough for what they did for me. I was in so much pain all week I couldn’t walk, now I feel great (minor post surgery pain as expected) and don’t have to worry about being in extreme pain during my wedding. I give my biggest thanks and love to Dr. Widmeyer and his team.

Ronnie G.

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