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As a physician committed to helping people feel their best, Dr. Widmeyer offers a variety of related medical therapies to help patients with problems and conditions associated with blood vessels, the body’s vasculature and esthetics.

Hemorrhoid Removal: If you experience the pain and discomfort of hemorrhoids, you’re not alone — and we’re here to help. Widmeyer Vein Center provides focused, effective care to remove hemorrhoids without surgery, providing fast, effective relief in a respectful setting… often treating patients at the initial visit!

Top-Quality Skin-Care Products: In his role as a leading-edge provider of medical and cosmetic solutions for varicose and spider veins, Dr. Widmeyer has vast experience improving the appearance of skin. We are proud to recommend and make available the Obaji® system of top-quality skin care products to help you protect your skin and keep it healthy for a lifetime.

Medically Supervised Weight Loss: Excess body weight is detrimental to your health. It is a direct cause of blood vessel disease and a host of other chronic conditions. Using a scientifically designed program that he successfully followed himself, Dr. Widmeyer tailors a plant that addresses your unique needs… and can help you lose fat and weight while maintaining lean muscle mass!

We care about you. Let Dr. Widmeyer and our team help address other problems associated with your health call today!

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