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As a board-certified vascular surgeon and experienced vein specialist, Dr. Widmeyer understands the harm that excess body weight can have on a person’s health. Obesity and excess fat lead directly to diseases of the blood vessels, making these problems a factor in the lives and health of many of thousands of people Dr. WIdmeyer has cared for. And, like every physician, he knows that losing weight is one of the best ways to improve and maintain health.

To lose weight, you need a solution that really works. But if you’ve ever tried to lose weight, you know that it isn’t easy. You also know that the number of methods and programs to choose from is vast and confusing. Will it work? Most don’t. And HOW does it work? Is it safe?

Of paramount concern for any kind of care he provides, these questions were also foremost when Dr. Widmeyer wanted to lose weight himself. After learning about Ideal Protein weight loss and its scientific approach, he tried the program and lost weight — and started feeling great — quickly. It produced similar results for his father, and then for patients who needed to lose weight.

Today, Dr. Widmeyer is proud to offer Ideal Protein medically supervised weight loss. Especially since our patients routinely express amazement at their results and report that they’ve never felt better!

Science-Based and Medically Supervised.

Key to Ideal Protein’s success is that it is science-based and medically supervised — though there’s no medicine or medical treatment involved. Tailored to each person’s medical and dietary needs, Dr. Widmeyer’s Ideal Protein weight-loss plan instead simply involves eating foods that are scientifically engineered to manipulate the body chemistry to burn fat — not muscle — efficiently. If you “eat as prescribed,” the low-carb, adequate-protein foods help you feel better quickly as the excess weight begins to come off.

Ideal ProteinMedical supervision is essential to responsibly customize each person’s plan and to monitor weight loss and adjust to patients’ changing needs. People with diabetes, for example, may need to reduce medications. And plans should be evaluated and altered to produce optimal results. Ultimately, Dr. Widmeyer’s direct involvement in your weight loss not only protects your safety but helps ensure effective weight loss.

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